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SBI KIOSK -SBI Kiosk Banking :

SBI Kiosk is a digital banking facility provided by State Bank of India. The aim of Kiosk Banking System is to give financial services to people of Rural India where bank branches are less in number. The SBI Kiosk has been established through partnership between State Bank of India and Service Centre Agencies. Any Retailer or VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) can easily avail SBI Kiosk Banking for their Customers. For that, the Retailer needs to follow Procedure to Get SBI Kiosk CSC (Common Service Centre) or CSP (Customer Service Point).

SBI Kiosk is beneficial for both the Retailer as well as the Customer. The Retailer can earn commission on each and every transaction done by the customer into SBI Kiosk Account. And the Customers will get almost all banking type financial services through their SBI Kiosk Account. To open a Kiosk Account, the Customer does not need to submit much documents like a regular bank account. The State Bank of India desires to spread its banking services across all rural as well as urban areas across India.

SBI Kiosk –

The VLE requires to enroll a Service Centre Agency to start SBI Kiosk Banking for its Customers. For that purpose, the VLE or Retailer must have some basic things like an Outlet of appropriate size square feet, a Computer with better configuration, a Webcam, a Printer, Scanner, Finger Print Scanning Device etc. Moreover, the VLE or Retailer must have Internet Connection on its Computer through Broadband or VSAT. The size (square feet) of Office should be enough for at least five to six people can stay there at a time.

Steps to start SBI Kiosk Banking Solution

The Procedure of Starting SBI Kiosk Banking (Step by Step) is mentioned below_

SBI Kiosk

What Services will SBI Kiosk banking provide?

In the beginning, SBI Kiosk banking will provide the services to its Customers as follows_

  • Customer can Deposit the Cash into Kiosk Account at CSP.
  • Customer can withdraw the Cash from Kiosk CSP.
  • Money transfer to another SBI account holder at other place.

SBI can enhance the product list of Business Correspondent (BC). However Business Facilitator (BF) work shall start after stabilization of BC work.

How to become a Partner for SBI Kiosk Banking?

The Common Service Centre (CSC) SPC will enroll Service Centre Agencies (SCA) as Sub Business Correspondent and Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) shall be Customer Service Point (CSP) as per agreement with State Bank of India (SBI) for this facility. This facility and partnership is available for all CSC retail offices with Online Internet Website Connectivity. A VLE can easily enroll for this facility through SCA.

Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE)’s Eligibility Criteria to Activate CSCs as Customer Service Points

The VLE must meet the following eligibility criteria to become a CSC i.e. Customer Service Point:

  • Registered and Active on the Online Monitoring Tool (OMT) for at least 3 months.
  • Confirmation of hardware and internet connectivity at Common Service Centre CSC.
  • Minimum 10th Standard (Matriculation) Exam passed.
  • Should have No criminal history, there will be process of confirmation held through police verification.
  • Should have a clean financial history, with no cases of default at any bank or financial company.
  • Should live in or own the property in any of the villages that the VLE will serve as a Kiosk Operator (KO) or Customer Service Point (CSP).
  • Preferably should have a history of actively providing services to citizens through the Service Centre Agencies (SCA), in the past 03 months.

Minimum Requirements for set up of Common Service Centre (CSC) outlet

There are a few terms and conditions regarding, some basic compulsory requirements to open up a CSC outlet for SBI Kiosk, which are presented as under_

  • The size of Outlet must be at least 150 to 200 square feet with a Counter.
  • Adequate (Enough) space inside Office Area to attend to 5 to 6 Customers at a time.
  • The Computer System Configuration must be with a minimum of 80 GB Hard Disk, Internet Connectivity through Broadband or VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) plus an Intel base chip or of a superior provider, a Webcam and finally a Standard Printer/Scanner/Finger Print Scanning Device.

What type of transactions the Customers can carry on through SBI Kiosk?

  • The Kiosk Accounts are called No-Frills Accounts where there is no minimum balance charges applicable to any Customer.
  • The Customer can keep Maximum Balance of Rs 50000/- only in SBI Kiosk Account.
  • The Balance above Rs.50000/- can be held, but then such accounts will be converted automatically into a Regular Bank Account and the terms and rules of the SBI Bank and Documentation will apply to these accounts.
  • There is No rule of keeping Minimum Balance, so the Customers can carry SBI Kiosk Account at Zero Balance.
  • Each Customer is allowed to do transaction into SBI Kiosk Account for Rs.10000/- maximum per day limit.
  • The Customer is Not eligible to get issued any Cheque Book under SBI Kisok Account.
  • The Customer can use SBI Kiosk Banking Facility only Cash Transactions and Only in person by the Account Holder.
  • There is no signature required and only electronic thumb impression is used to access and use the SBI Kiosk Account.

What kind of Benefits the Customers will get by SBI Kiosk Banking/Account?

  • The Customer opens a ‘No Frill SBI Account’ through KIOSK Banking System.
  • The Customer will get General Purpose Credit Card (GCC) and/or Kisan Credit Card (KCC) under SBI Kiosk Account as applicable.
  • The Customer can do a Deposit via SBI Kiosk namely Term Deposit (Fixed Deposit) as well as Recurring Deposit.
  • The Cash Deposit to an SBI Kiosk Account can be done from any place with no extra charges.
  • The Customer can do Immediate Money Transfer to other person’e account through SBI Kiosk Banking.
  • The SBI Kiosk Account is as authentic as a Regular SBI Saving Bank Account.
  • The Customer is eligible to avail a Loan against Term Deposit Receipt (TDR) in SBI Kiosk Account and many other benefits.
  • The Customer does not need to stand in long queue of bank as SBI Kiosk Centre has less rush of Customers.
  • The Customer can take benefit of Long Banking Hours, because the SBI Bank closes Customer Transactions at 04:00 PM, while Kiosk Shop Outlet is open till late evening.

What type of Benefits the Service Centre Agencies (SCA) will get through SBI Kiosk?

  • The SCA can earn (generate) revenue through small banking service (of SBI Kiosk), Easy Money Transfer, Increase Customer Base etc.
  • Even the Existing SBI Bank Customers can become Customer of SCA to use Kiosk Banking Facilities.

How the Income is generated by Customer Service Points (CSP) through SBI Kiosk Banking?

  • The CSP will earn Income on every transaction processed at their Outlet/Shop by SBI Kiosk Customers, these transactions include Opening of New Kiosk Account, Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Transfer of Money, Availing a Loan and any other transaction into SBI Kiosk Account.